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Peischl S, Dupanloup I, Foucal A, Jomphe M, Bruat V, Grenier J-C, Gouy A, Gilbert KJ, Gbeha E, Bosshard L, Hip-Ki E, Agbessi M, Hodgkinson A, Vézina H, Awadalla P, Excoffier L (2017) Relaxed selection during a recent human expansion. Genetics, genetics.300551.2017

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Gilbert KJ, NP Sharp, AL Angert, GL Conte, JA Draghi, F Guillaume, AL Hargreaves, R Matthey-Doret, MC Whitlock. (2017) Local adaptation interacts with expansion load during range expansion: Maladaptation reduces expansion load. The American Naturalist, 189(4), 368-380, doi:10.1086/690673.
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Gilbert KJ (2016) Identifying the number of population clusters with STRUCTURE: Problems and solutions. Molecular Ecology Resources, 16, 601-603.

Gilbert KJ, MC Whitlock (2015) Evaluating methods for estimating local effective population size with and without migration. Evolution, 68, 2154-2166.
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Santiso X, L Lopez, KJ Gilbert, R Barreiro, MC Whitlock, R Retuerto (2015) Patterns of genetic variation within and among populations in Arbutus unedo and its relation with selection and evolvability. Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics, 17, 185-192, doi:10.1016/j.ppees.2015.02.006.
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Gilbert KJ, MC Whitlock (2015) QST FST comparisons with unbalanced half-sib designs. Molecular Ecology Resources, 15, 262-267.
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Caplins SA, KJ Gilbert, C Ciotir, J Roland, SF Matter, N Keyghobadi (2014) Landscape structure and the genetic effects of a population collapse. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 281: 20141798; doi: 10.1098/rspb.2014.1798
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Vines TH, RL Andrew, DG Bock, MT Franklin, KJ Gilbert, NC Kane, J-S Moore, BT Moyers, S Renaut, DJ Rennison, T Veen, S Yeaman (2013) Mandated archiving greatly improves access to research data. FASEB Journal, 27, 1304-1308.

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Keller SR, KJ Gilbert, PD Fields, DR Taylor (2012) Bayesian inference of a complex invasion history revealed by nuclear and chloroplast genetic diversity in the colonizing plant, Silene latifolia. Molecular Ecology, 21, 4721-4734.
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Whitlock MC, KJ Gilbert (2012) QST in a hierarchically structured population. Molecular Ecology Resources, 12, 481-483.