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Gilbert KJ, Zdraljevic S, Cook DE, Cutter AD, Andersen EC, Baer CF (Submitted) The distribution of mutational effects on fitness in Caenorhabditis elegans inferred from standing genetic variation

Altenhoff AM, Train C-M, Gilbert KJ, Mediratta I, Mendes de Farias T, Moi D, Nevers Y, Radoykova H-S, Rossier V, Warwick Vesztrocy A, Glover NM, Dessimoz C (2020) OMA orthology in 2021: website overhaul, conserved isoforms, ancestral gene order, and more. Nucleic Acids Research, doi:10.1093/nar/gkaa1007

Pouyet F, Gilbert KJ (2020) Towards an improved understanding of molecular evolution: the relative roles of selection, drift, and everything in between. arXiv, 1909.11490v4, ver. 4 peer-reviewed and recommended by Peer Community in Evolutionary Biology

Gilbert KJ, Pouyet F, Excoffier L, Peischl S (2020) Transition from background selection to associative overdominance promotes diversity in regions of low recombination. Current Biology, 30(1), 101-107.e3
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Peischl S, Gilbert KJ (2020) Evolution of dispersal can rescue populations from expansion load. The American Naturalist, 195(2), 000-000.

Gilbert KJ, Peischl S, Excoffier L (2018) Mutation load dynamics during environmentally-driven range shifts. PLOS Genetics, 14(9): e1007450. doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1007450.
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Antonovics J, Abbate J, Bruns E, Fields PD, Forrester N, Gilbert KJ, Hood M, Park T, Taylor DR (2018) Effect of the anther-smut fungus Microbotryum on the juvenile growth of its host Silene latifolia. American Journal of Botany, 105(6), 1088-1095.

Peischl S, Dupanloup I, Foucal A, Jomphe M, Bruat V, Grenier J-C, Gouy A, Gilbert KJ, Gbeha E, Bosshard L, Hip-Ki E, Agbessi M, Hodgkinson A, Vézina H, Awadalla P, Excoffier L (2017) Relaxed selection during a recent human expansion. Genetics, 208(2), 763-777, genetics.300551.2017

Gilbert KJ, MC Whitlock. (2018) The genetics of adaptation to discrete heterogeneous environments: Frequent mutation or large effect alleles can allow range expansion. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 30(3), 591-602, doi:10.1111/jeb.13029.
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Gilbert KJ, NP Sharp, AL Angert, GL Conte, JA Draghi, F Guillaume, AL Hargreaves, R Matthey-Doret, MC Whitlock. (2017) Local adaptation interacts with expansion load during range expansion: Maladaptation reduces expansion load. The American Naturalist, 189(4), 368-380, doi:10.1086/690673.
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Gilbert KJ (2016) Identifying the number of population clusters with STRUCTURE: Problems and solutions. Molecular Ecology Resources, 16, 601-603.

Gilbert KJ, MC Whitlock (2015) Evaluating methods for estimating local effective population size with and without migration. Evolution, 68, 2154-2166.
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Santiso X, L Lopez, KJ Gilbert, R Barreiro, MC Whitlock, R Retuerto (2015) Patterns of genetic variation within and among populations in Arbutus unedo and its relation with selection and evolvability. Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics, 17, 185-192, doi:10.1016/j.ppees.2015.02.006.
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Gilbert KJ, MC Whitlock (2015) QST FST comparisons with unbalanced half-sib designs. Molecular Ecology Resources, 15, 262-267.
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Caplins SA, KJ Gilbert, C Ciotir, J Roland, SF Matter, N Keyghobadi (2014) Landscape structure and the genetic effects of a population collapse. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 281: 20141798; doi: 10.1098/rspb.2014.1798
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Vines TH, AYK Albert, RL Andrew, F Débarre, DG Bock, MT Franklin, KJ Gilbert, J-S Moore, S Renaut, DJ Rennison (2014) The availability of research data declines rapidly with article age. Current Biology, 24, 94-97.
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Vines TH, RL Andrew, DG Bock, MT Franklin, KJ Gilbert, NC Kane, J-S Moore, BT Moyers, S Renaut, DJ Rennison, T Veen, S Yeaman (2013) Mandated archiving greatly improves access to research data. FASEB Journal, 27, 1304-1308.

Gilbert KJ, RL Andrew, DG Bock, MT Franklin, NC Kane, J-S Moore, BT Moyers, S Renaut, DJ Rennison, T Veen, TH Vines (2012) Recommendations for utilizing and reporting population genetic analyses: The reproducibility of genetic clustering using the program STRUCTURE. Molecular Ecology, 21, 4925-4930.
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Keller SR, KJ Gilbert, PD Fields, DR Taylor (2012) Bayesian inference of a complex invasion history revealed by nuclear and chloroplast genetic diversity in the colonizing plant, Silene latifolia. Molecular Ecology, 21, 4721-4734.
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Whitlock MC, KJ Gilbert (2012) QST in a hierarchically structured population. Molecular Ecology Resources, 12, 481-483.